Every Fusion table comes with Simonis 860 Cloth, the best in the industry.    

Fusion chairs or benches are available in Black, Dark Brown, or White Cream.      

Why a convertible Table? If you have space constraints and love to play pool then a Fusion Table is the perfect solution.  Just combine your dining room with your game room.

Bench or chair Options



Pool Table / Dining Table

Vintage Edition 

Reclaimed Wood

with Post- Industrial Metal



Steel Edition

What is a Fusion Pool table: A Fusion Pool Table is a beautifully elegant and sleek pool table that converts into a perfectly functioning dining table

21516 HWY 160 

UML outdoor furniture
cue stick brands on display

Why choose a Fusion Table? Fusion Tables are manufactured in Belgium with highest precision manufacturing processes to insure unmatched quality.   Not only do Fusion Tables offer dual-functionality, but they offer a contemporary sleek design that would enhance any room’s appeal regardless of which function it is being used for.

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Fusion Convertible Pool Tables

White Powder Coated Table

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Black Powder Coated Edition

Steel Frame

Serving Southwest Colorado, including Telluride and Pagosa Springs